About Us

About Crack and Earn Network Ltd

Crack and Earn Network is an online quiz and game center that offers Multiple Choice Questions on various field of studies across the globe. It was established to enhance personal development of young adults and also help members to earn extra income as they participate in the game. Crack and Earn Network was founded in Nigeria and was incorporated in 2019; under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a limited liability company (LTD) with the Registration Number; RC1568215. We are committed to building communities of young adults who are willing to play the game of quiz and earn extra income on a daily basis through question and answer system.


1. 50% instant bonus on every correct Crack
2. Instant payout
3. Special Offers, Awards and Others


Our mission is to create an enabling platform for young adults to learn and achieve finacial freedom through questions and answer system.


To serve as a hub of knowledge for young adults, thereby motivating them to learn and earn at their convenience.


- Focus on impact
- Pursue growth and learning
- Building communities
- Focused on user experience
- Teamwork
- Integrity
- Embrace and drive change